Why is making profits in the coffee industry heavily dependent on the packaging of coffee products?

coffee packaging


Suppose you are a coffee manufacturer. You manufactured fantastic brew with incredible flavor. Unfortunately, the sales volume of your coffee products are low abysmally prompting to earn poor revenue and the fear of shutting down of your coffee business.

But you want to survive in this fierce competitive business world and make profit. So, you did a brilliant thing-hiring a marketing consultant. And from that marketing expert you learned perhaps one of the most important lessons of your life and a lifesaving advice to survive in the business world – the importance of coffee bags and packaging design to make coffee business a profitable one.

The business experts or the marketing experts whatever the term you use told you that packaging is your first step and the best chance to make sales. It is because the objective of packaging is to grab the attention of customers and inspire them to buy the product.

Think it other way around. Is it possible for customers to see, smell, taste your coffee before purchasing it?So, it is the design of your coffee bags or products that will draw the attention of customers among other products in the shop aisles.

The marketing experts you hired gave you another valuable business insight. And that is the majority of people give importance to your coffee before buying based entirely on the packaging, and an ideal packaging acts like a valuable gift for your customers which is ready to unwrap.  If the packaging of your coffee product is made in such an intrigue way, the product creates an aura of mystery to first time buyers that they feel compelled to unravel it.

What are the few important criteria of product packaging?

Since packaging have immense importance, it must have

  • Creative design
  • Discrete color scheme
  • High-quality
  • Professional mastery and must be attention grabbing.

Function of packaging

Today packaging is an indispensable part of a coffee company’s marketing strategic planning and becoming a business leader in the coffee business. It is the packaging that helps coffee lovers to pick a product as they browse a website or visit a super shop. One of the primary requirements of making a profitable coffee business is offering customers unique and distinguishable packaging. Besides branding, packaging serves four other important functionalities. These are


The first and the most function of packaging is to protect your coffee while the product is transported from one location to another, stay idle in the shelf, and stored in the warehouse. As a manufacturer you must ensures that elements like rain, moisture, or excessive heat do not alter the taste or flavor of your coffee.


As we already told you before that your product will not make a big impact in consumer community if the design of the coffee bags are poor.


Eye catching design will not work much if you do not advertise the design of your brand

Bearing a logo

Another important thing about packaging is your product package must bear a unique, instantly recognisable logo like the NIKE or apple brand.


It is really fascinating to think how packaging of coffee products decides the overall success of a brewery company. So, if you are already in the coffee business or have a plant to start a business in this area, give immense importance in products packaging.


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