What You Need to Know About Chinese Tea-One of the Popular Drinks of the World


Do you know what is the birthplace of Tea- the everyday drinks of billions of people across the globe? Things like paper, compass, and gunpowder, tea is another great discovery of the ancient Chinese people. It was Chinese emperor Shen Nung who discovered tea in 2732 B.C that is about five thousand years ago. Ever since drinking tea has become an integral part of Chinese culture. Since China is the origin of tea, you might have some interest in Chinese tea. Let’s know some more details about this Asian tea.

Types of Chinese Tea

Tea is the national drink of China. Apart from the refreshing effect, drinking tea offers several health benefits including heart attack, stroke, and losing weight. Based on the fermentation and preparation process, there are seven different types of Chinese tea. These are

Green Tea

It is the most popular and ancient tea in China. Chinese people drink green tea for several thousand years. Tea workers collect the leaves of the young shoots for green tea preparation. The traditional green tea looks pale and comes with a sharp, astringent flavor.

Black Tea

Chinese black tea comes with a strong taste and a unique flavor. Like green tea black tea is also produced from the leaves of young tea plants. The leaves of young plants undergo a series of the process including, wilting, rolling, fermenting and drying before going to the consumer market.

Drinking black tea offers several health benefits. Researchers claim that drinking black tea reduces cholesterol in the human body. One chemical ingredient of the black tea is polyphenols. The ingredient is believed to have the destructive power of harmful cells in the human body.

Yellow Tea

The manufacturing process for yellow tea is quite simple. The process is drying out of damp tea leaves naturally. What special characteristic of yellow tea is it has a distinctive aroma while the flavor of the tea is similar to white teas and green teas. Yellow tea is a high-quality tea and the color yellow is an imperial color. This is why in ancient China, the monarchs were served with the yellow tea.

White Tea

White tea comes in a lighter in color than other varieties of tea. The tea is an indigenous tea of the Chinese Fujian province. It has a subtle, delicate taste. The tea got its name from the traditional practice of poor Chinese people. In ancient China, the poor Chinese served their guests with boiled water instead of tea. And, that where the name came from.

Oolong Tea

Another name for Oolong tea is blue tea. No fermentation process is applied in the production of Oolong tea. The tea offers the best flavor to tea drinkers. Oolong tea has an international reputation because apart from the rich flavor, the Tea is also believed to burn fat, reduce weight, and enhance beauty.

Pu’er Tea

Puer tea is an indigenous tea of Chinese Yunnan province. It is actually a dark tea that emerged in ancient China 2000 years ago.

Dark Tea

Manufacturing of dark tea involves a series of six steps which are water suctioning, initial phase rolling, heaping, the second phase rolling, scorching, and drying. The emergence of dark tea happened in the 16th century, in Anhua City, Hunan Province of ancient China.

Why Chinese Tea Tastes Better

It is a bit unfortunate that people who are fond of tea but do not taste Chinese tea ever do not know that Chinese tea tastes better than that of other cultures. One reason Chinese tea tastes better is that because, in Chinese tea, the tea granules are larger. These granules could be as large as 2cm in diameter. Those who taste the Chinese tea know that bitterness in Chinese tea is more pronounced and that gives a unique taste in tea. Of course, the addition of tea and sugar alter the taste. But to get the natural taste of tea, you should not add additional things like sugar and tea.

Another reason is Chinese soil and weather conditions are conducive for tea production. For example, West African countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon produced 70% of the World’s Cocoa beans because climate conditions and soil of these areas are suitable for high yield of cocoa beans.


China is the introducer of tea to the world people and offers quite a unique taste and flavor. With many variations, taste, and flavor, Chinese tea will dominate the world tea market for decades.

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