Types of Arrow Rest- What You Need to Know If You Are New to Archery


Are you new to the amazing world of archery? Welcome! In this post, we will discuss different types of arrow rest- an important lesson that will help you to pick your favorite hunting accessory and make your shooting experience a breeze.

What Is an Arrow Rest?

Arrow Rests

Arrow rests are nothing new to you if you already use compound bows. However, knowing different other types will enhance your archery knowledge and who knows you may choose another type that may appear to you more attractive. Anyway, things are completely different for new archers or people who are using other types of bows and want to switch compound bows. An arrow rest is attached to the bow handle. It allows the arrow to sit on. It helps to keep the arrow in the same place when the bow is drawn back fully. In simple words, arrow rests make shooting easier.

When it comes to picking an arrow rest for your compound bows, the main thing that comes into play is what you need to do with your bow? In other words, what type of archers you are? Are you a bow hunter? Or a target archer? If you are bow hunter, accuracy is not your main objective. However, things are quite different for target archers. In their case, maintaining accuracy is their main concern.

Different Categories of Arrow Rest

Like different types of arrows so are many variations in arrow rest. Identifying a rest will become easier if you divide them into different basic categories. All the arrow rests for compound bows can be divided into below basic categories.

Launcher Style

Launcher Style

Compound bow archers have been using these rests for a long time. There are some rests that come with one pair of prongs while others feature narrow blades. However, whatever their variations in design, they serve the basic functionality of an arrow rest- supporting an arrow until its release from the bow.

The prong rests were commonly used by bow hunters and they are still favorite. Blade rests, on the other hand, were favorite to target hunters. But things changed later on. Now blade rests are favorite to both target and bow hunters. It is because these rests are easy to tune and have the least contact with an arrow and thus helps to maintain consistency in the shooting.

Containment Style

Containment Style

In this category, the most common type of rest is whisker biscuits. The main distinguishing characteristics of these rests are they come with nylon bristles. Or they may feature three separate guides. Each of the guides may be made of different materials. These guides completely capture an arrow and hold it securely to the bowstring. Once an arrow is entirely captured, it will be quite difficult to dislodge the arrow from the rest.  Bow hunters like these rest. It is because these rests are foolproof, durable yet simple.

Drop AwayDrop Away Arrow Rest

These rests are quite popular among both bow hunters and target hunters. Their popularity has grown in the last decade. These rest come with three varieties.

Ultra Rests (QAD)

Ultra Rests (QAD)

These rests are popular among bow hunters. It is because these rests are quite useful to fit an arrow securely to the bowstring.

Limb Driven

Limb Driven Arrow Rest

These rests feature a cord. The cord is used to pull the rest and support the arrow during the full draw.

The Usefulness of Arrows Rests to Bow Hunters

For bow hunters, accuracy is not an important factor.  They don’t need delicate launcher style arrow rests. They need a rest that will ensure that the arrow does not fall off the bow or displaced when a bow is moved or drawn. It is also extremely important that the rest will function silently when a bow is moved, raised, or drawn fully and releases an arrow. In this respect, the ideal type of arrow rests for bow hunters is whisker biscuit rests or fully capture rests. Accuracy is also not so important for bow fisher since they need to shot at short distances. But they need to use heavy arrows because they need to deal with coarse fish.

One important thing that need to keep in mind that, drop away rests are not so useful for bow hunters. Why they are not so useful due to the fact that these rests are a bit complex. They come with more moving parts. It means the probability of happening something wrong when a bow is drawn back fully is quite high.

Target Archer

Durability of the bow or the arrow rest is not an issue for target archers. The issues that are critically important for them is consistent launching of their arrows, easy adjustment and the least arrow contact. The ideal type of rests for target archers is prong style rests. They are instantly adjustable and ensures the least amount of contact with the arrow shaft.

Compound Bow vs Traditional Recurve Bow

Often time many new archers fall in a dilemma regarding what type of bow will be their first weapon of choice? Is it a traditional recurve bow or a compound bow? To determine which one is better, you need to know which bow offers more power and accuracy? Well, in both considerations the winner is a compound bow that is more powerful and delivers better accuracy than that of a recurve bow.

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