The Aeropress Brews Delicious Coffee, But It’s Possible to Make It Even Better?


That isn’t the main problem I intend to solve. Though, like most creators in history, I came across the solution by a happy accident. I work and studied professionally like a Material Scientist. I wanted to find out if I can grow nanowire and dendrites from a solution of silver. And further press them into a permanent solid-state. If you have ever observed a scientist developing Carbon Nanotubes to come up with an Ultra-strong Materials, the procedure is somehow the same.

Throughout my studies, I realized I have the power to control the Microposity of Hydrophilic ‘Silver Snowflakes’ I was growing. I noticed there is a possibility of using them as Antibacterial Filters. My idea was to make people remove Dirty Water through them because the organic silver properties of Antimicrobial cleans anything passing through it. The design did not appear appealing to different people when I proposed it.

A particular day, like any other day. As I prepared my coffee with the help of Aeropress, an idea struck me. I can sell them to Dairy Farms to assist in the process of pasteurizing milk, just kidding. That is the minute I found out I can use them as Aeropress Filters.

You know what? I didn’t believe I possessed a Filter, which collects the Aromatic Oils with a Crema Foam that I could choose to discard or add to the coffee. So that is my story. The Antimicrobial Filter is natural, microporous, and reusable. 

The Filter is from pure silver components. The pure silver can control brewed coffee or oil content. It is particularly has a design that enables it to fit perfectly to the Aeropress Coffee Maker.

How It Works

Rather than utilizing a Paper Filter in the Aeropress, turn to a Chelsie Filter. It is a bit thick and does not seem like liquid will go through it. But you need to view it as paper since that’s what it’s with paper.

Coffee and water pass through quickly, but that is not the case with oils. The Technical Name of this procedure is Argentation Chromatography. If you do not want to move deep in details, it is essential to separate Aromatic Compounds. Those who care more about the levels of their cholesterol prefer to remove the oil. Carefully they ensure the oil is not there without tampering with the “body” of the flavor. It doesn’t mean that you cannot keep the oil. It is simple for anyone to retain the oil if they need to. Everyone who prepares a cup can choose the Flavor Profile; they love more.

What is an Aeropress?

It is something I should have explained at the beginning. Aeropress is an item used for brewing coffee. Keep in mind that it’s not an electric pot for coffee. You can easily place a tube on the upper part of the cup. Then place coffee in the tube, stir it, and eventually, you will have a cup of coffee.

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