Robusta Coffee: Facts, Varieties, & Health Benefits

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Have you ever detracted from your path by the aroma comes from an instantly brewed coffee? Well, inviting you to seep a cup of coffee that comes from the well-known Robusta coffee beans. These coffee beans are produced from the coffea canephora, or coffea robusta tree- available in the Ethiopian northern forests and sub-Saharan Africa.

In this article, we’ll discuss about the varieties of café robusta and the health benefits of drinking it. So, keep your eyes glued to know more about the robusta coffee.

Robusta Coffee: Facts, Varieties, & Health Benefits

Facts of Robusta Beans

So, what are the quick facts of Robusta? Well, robusta is one of the most widely grown coffees in the world that accounts almost 30% of the global coffee production. Comparing to the Arabica coffee, robusta beans are sturdier, comes with a greater crop yield, contains 2.7% caffeine where Arabica’s is 1.5%, and less suger (3-7%, where Arabica’s is 6-9%). The robusta demands less pesticide and herbicide than the other species too!

Varieties of Café Robusta

In India, two major variants of green coffee are available. They are-

S.247 Coffee

The variety is made from the old high-yielding robusta coffee collection that was brought from Sri Lanka to India. This the mostly grown variety in the region that has strong and sturdy bushes and provides with bolder beans, round shape, and greyish color after processing.


This is the hybrid version of café robusta. Unlike conventional robusta plants, the bushes are more compact, have smaller and narrower leaves. It grows bold seeds with soft and neutral features for your breakfast table unlike the conventional green coffee.

Uses and Health Benefits of Robusta Coffee

  1. The robusta coffee beans contain caffeine that can be used as a proprietary painkiller. Can be a good alternative of aspirin and paracetamol. In spite of containing theophylline, chlorogenic and the stimulants theobromine, the green coffee beans are stimulant and diuretic.
  2. The bitter and aromatic stimulant is effective for vomiting control.
  3. Drinking café robusta has advantages over migrane and headache. Also, an effective cleanser for the large bowel.
  4. Robusta coffee has proven effective for headache, jaundice, malaria, migraine, narcosis, nephrosis, opium poisoning, sores, asthma, atropine poisoning, fever, flu, and vertigo.
  5. Robusta coffee beans contain antioxidants that are proved effective for cellular rejuvenation. Also, great for skin care therapy.
  6. Drinking café robusta in the morning does not only wake you up but it also heals your cells.
  7. Robusta beans are also used as body or facial masks because of containing acidic contents. A great idea to remove dead cells and skin oils.

Final Virdict

Hopefully, the giveaway has helped you know a bit more about the Robusta. Without any doubt, the robusta coffee is widely famous among the coffee lovers because of its taste and aroma. And, the health benefits of café robusta have made it great value for money. So, why are you waiting for? Have a seep to a cup of café robusta and take your coffee experience to an entirely new level!

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