Is A Knee Scooter Better Than Crutches?

Is A Knee Scooter Better Than Crutches

A knee scooter also known as knee walker, knee coaster is one of the best mobility aids for lower leg injuries. If you had a recent foot or ankle injury or surgery then you might want to know whether a knee scooter or crutches are better for non weight bearing(NWB). Both knee scooters and crutches have the similar aim to help you walk with an injured leg as you don’t have to put weight on your injured body part with these two. Crutches are a walking support usually come with crosspiece fitting under the armpit. It shifts the person’s weight from legs to the upper body. On the contrary, a knee scooter is designed with three to five wheels that has a padded platform to rest your injured leg on.

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Let’s look at the main differences between a knee scooter and crutches…

Comfort: Crutches cause more pain while using than you might even think. You put all your body weight against the crutches which result in pain in your hands and armpits. Though it helps to move around even when you’re injured, there are other alternatives available for you to take a look into.

On the hand, A knee walker provides you with more comfort than crutches do. You stay in an upright standing position while using a knee crutches and your injured leg is elevated on a padded platform to rest allowing extra comfort to your body.

Stability: Crutches make things slow down. You can do a lot of things using crutches but you will face several challenges. Using walking sticks can increase your risk for falling, slipping or losing balance. You have to man oeuvre walking with crutches which will take a lot of time.

On the contrary, a knee walker is so easy to use. It can glide along with any stride. You can walk a long way with it without any trouble. It’s easier to walk with a knee coaster on fine roads, paved, grass or gravel roads. It prevents you from losing balance and falls. You don’t have your hands occupied as like with walking sticks.

Helps In Recovery: After a foot or ankle surgery, a doctor always recommends to keep your injured foot elevated which is possible only with a knee scooter. Because it comes with a padded platform to rest your feet on. That’s how it helps you to recover faster. But you don’t have any option with crutches to keep your injured feet elevated. Moreover, normal accidents like falling down are common with crutches which can make your injury more complicated.

Storage Advantage: Another stuff that makes a knee scooter better than crutches is its storage advantage. Knee scooters are constructed with a beautiful basket attached to it. It’s already tough to move around with one leg without anything to carry with your hand. Imagine if someone has to carry some stuff with one leg, How backbreaking that would be?

The basket in a knee scooter will help an injured person carry his important stuff easily.

But crutches can’t provide us with this advantage. Rather using them will already keep your hands busy. You need to hold your walking sticks with your hands so you can’t carry any stuff while using these.

Roll And Stroll: The worst part of any injury is it makes you miss all the hangouts, simple hikes or any other fun activities planned by your friends. You feel completely left out. Though you can join them with crutches, this will slow down everything which you might not feel good about. A knee walker helps you overcome this problem. You can walk comfortably with normal speed when using this mobility aid. This will also carry your water bottle or anything you are taking with you. Hence you can enjoy everything as if you’re not even having any injury.

Speed And Ease: Knee coasters are designed with three to five wheels that help you in walking a long distance way faster than with walking sticks. Moreover crutches take a lot of efforts and pains to walk with.

Looking at the differences between a knee scooter and crutches will make you choose a knee scooter undoubtedly. Knee scooters are growing as a popular tool to enhance mobility in people with foot or ankle injury. They offer significantly more advantages than walking sticks, in the weeks of recovery after surgery.

If you plan to use a knee scooter, make sure you properly do the fittings to avoid any discomfort.

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