Interesting coffee puns: A Collection That Everyone Wants!

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Interesting coffee puns can release stress. They can charge up your mornings.  Telling nice puns is also a way of expressing your joke prowess to your co-workers. In this article, we have compiled over dozens of interesting coffee puns. Reading those will make you feel better. Let’s start reading one by one.

Coffee Puns and the Start of A Day

The importance of Coffee puns is that when people around you start the working day in a serious mood, jokes can ease their tension. Jokes can alleviate their stress to some extent. It is a simple way to relate yourself to your co-workers, family members. Coffee puns love is versatile.

Selected Coffee Puns That Give A Boost in Your Daily Social Life –

‘Your boss tells you to do something that took you until the coffee is cold’

Question: what is the technical term used to refer to a pot of coffee at work?

Answer: Break fluid

Question: Why did the espresso frequently checking his watch?

 Answer: Because he was in a hurry.

‘A weak alternative of coffee is sleep’

Question: How can you term Sad Coffee?

Answer: Depresso.

Question: Do you know what is the best Beatles song?

Answer: Latte Be!

‘The most important meal of the day is Coffee’

Question: How did the hipster scorch his tongue?

Answer: He just gulps a hot cup of coffee.

Question: Why are Italians adept at making coffee?

Answer: Because they know how to espresso themselves.   

‘Brew for the birds’ 

Question: Where do birds find coffee?

Answer: at the NESTCafe.

Question: Why shouldn’t you bring the topic of coffee in polite company?

Answer: It can initiate a strong and heated debate.

‘Two groups of people: One that loves Starbucks and the others that are liars.’

Question: How are coffee beans like kids?

Answer: They are always getting grounded.

Question: What is the cause of yawning?

Answer: A silent scream for coffee is yawning.

“I drink coffee and feel a stabbing pain in the right eye”. Do you take the spoon out?

The first statement was what a coffee drinker told. The question was what the doctor asked.

Question: What did the Brazilian coffee ask the Indonesian Coffee?

Answer: What’s Sumatra with you?

Question: Why should you be suspicious of 5-cent espresso?

Answer: It’s a cheap shot. 

‘Someone steals your morning coffee’

Question: what do you call it when you walk into a café and you are certain that you came here before?

Answer: Déjà brew

Question: How does a programming geek drink coffee?

Answer: He installs Java.

‘Italians are so good at making coffee’

Question: Why do they call coffee mud?

Answer: Because it was smashed a couple of minutes ago.

Question: Why are men like coffee?

Answer: the best coffee is rich, hot and can keep you up all night.

‘A man walks into a coffee shop while carrying a big chunk of asphalt under his arm. At the counter, he told that he will take a large latte for himself and one for the road’

Question: Barista, how do you take your coffee?

Answer: Very, Very seriously.

Question: How do you term the incident when someone steals your coffee?

Answer: Mugging!

‘A pair of jumper cables walk into a café. After seeing them, barista requested them to leave the place. Because she did not want them to start anything inside the café’

Question: What did the barista’s Valentine say?

Answer: I can’t espresso my love for you.

Question: How are men like coffee?

Answer: The best ones are those who rich, hot, and can keep you up all night.

‘A yawn is just a silent scream for coffee’

Question:: What is the problem of drinking too much espresso?

Answer: drinking too much espresso can result in a latte problem.

Question : How does Moses make his coffee?

Answer: Hebrews it.

‘Soup of the day is Coffee’

Question: What is the new word used to describe coffee drinkers?

Answer: Procaffeinating.

Question : How do you explain the incident if your local coffee shop awarded you “Employee of the month”, even though, you did not work there?

Answer: You may be drinking too much coffee there.

‘A tall blonde walks into Starbucks. The barista told her that they have a drink name after her’

Question : What is the antonym of coffee?

Answer: Sneezy

Question : what is the most heinous crime?

Answer: when someone steals your morning coffee.

‘A cow that just gave a birth of a beautiful calf’

Question : Did you hear about the cow that gave birth?

Answer: It was de-calf-infated.

Question : Why does she complain that coffee tastes like dirt?

Answer: It was just grounded this morning.

‘Barista love making java’

Question : why does the barista love making java?

Answer: Because it warms her heart.

Question : How do cups greet each other?

Answer: with mugs and kisses

‘You have had enough coffee’

Question : How do you know if you have had enough coffee?

Answer: You channel surf faster without the remote.

Question : why are all Jewish people required to make a good cup of coffee?

Answer: Because according to the Torah, He brews

‘One bad cup of coffee can end a marriage’

Question : How does one bad cup of coffee end a marriage?

Answer : It is the ground for divorce.

Question : what is the difference between a Starbucks latte and a whore?

Answer : There is no significant difference. They both suck and empty your wallet.

‘Making a cup of coffee is a sinful act for women’

Question : why does it be sin for a woman to make a coffee?

Answer: Because the Bible says clearly “He-brews”.

Question : How do you make pig Jerky?

Answer: offer them some coffee.

‘Coffee is better than a woman’

Question : How is coffee better than a woman?

Answer : It goes down way easier.

Question : what did the horny woman say about her coffee?

Answer : That Coffee was not the only thing that was hot and wet this morning.

‘Employees cannot function well during the first hour of the morning’

Question : Why do employees cannot work well during the first hour of the morning?

Answer:  Because they have latte in their mind.

Question : what was the response of the woman when the man accidentally spilled his coffee on her?

Answer: She simply responded by showing him her dis-stain.


There are a number of reasons people turn to coffee. One of the reasons is they enjoy the cordial company of coworker while taking a coffee break. They find comfort in a hot cup of coffee be it in the early hours of the morning or at the end of a hectic working day. Whatever the reason, peoples mind always enjoy a good pun or a joke, when it is related to something that they are passionate about.

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