How to Set up a Baitcasting Reel

How to Set up a Baitcasting Reel

Baitcasting fishing reels are essential fishing tools of bass anglers. Seasoned anglers can use this reel with much ease. However, those who are new in the game of fishing, find these reels are intimidating and difficult to handle. Anyway, in this post, we will discuss how to set up a baitcasting reel.

What Thing Makes Setting up a Baitcasting Reel So Difficult

The main problematic thing that makes these reels so intimating is a backlash. Well, this term may sound unfamiliar to you. There is also another term – birds nest that people also use when it comes to referring to describe the main problem associated with baitcasting reels. Both backlash and bird’s nest refer to the same problem. And this problem of a baitcasting fishing reels is tangling of the fishing lines around the fishing reel.  Backlash or birds nest, whatever the term you use is a  problem that greatly discourages people to use baitcasting fishing reels.

How Do You Set up the Reel?

Setting up a baitcasting reel involves setting up the spool tension knob and brake system readjustment. Below we have discussed two process separately.

Spool Tension

So your main goal is preventing a backlash while you set up a baitcasting reel.  To do that the first thing you need to do is find the spool tension knob. This part controls how loosely and freely the spool of the reel will spin when you stroke the thumb bar. , When you stroke the thumb bar, the speed at which you will be able to spin the spool is regulated by the spool tension knob. So, when you pick a baitcasting reel and put a line on it, the initial thing you need to do is to tighten the spool tension knob. The result of the tightening of this part will be when you stroke the thumb bar, the spool will barely move. Keep in mind that when you cast a baitcasting reel, you will use your thumb to control the speed of the spool. How nicely you will be able to control the speed depends on the setting up the cast control knob properly.

Now how do you understand that the spool tension knob is properly set? When you stroke the thumb bar, the line comes out of the reel very slowly. Keep in mind that set up the spool tension at the start of the casting process and brake adjustment at the end of the process. When you make a cast with a spool tension knob set properly as well as a magnetic braking system, you can cast a baitcasting fishing reel without a backlash.

Brake Adjustment

Adjusting the brake system of a baitcasting  reel is another complicated process. Although there are two styles of braking system magnetic and centrifugal, manufacturers incorporate either of them into a reel differently

Centrifugal Brakes

This brake system utilizes small weight which is placed on the inner side of the plate. To turn on the braking system, there is a lever or a dial with which you can free the plate and then activate the braking system. Inside of the plate you will find colored pegs. These pegs are used to slow down the spool by turning them on. To turn them on, place them in an even pattern. You needed to rearrange 2,3,4, 6 pegs. But, 2 or 3 pegs are enough.

Magnetic Brakes

Unlike centrifugal brakes, magnetic brakes are easier to adjust and understand. This brake system comes with a dial which you will find on the outside of the reel’s side plate. With this dial, you will be able to rearrange the brake’s strength. The dial is marked with min and max position which is denoted by one to ten. The higher the number you choose, the more braking force will be enabled. during the casting process.

Hybrid Brakes

As the name suggests, these brakes use mechanisms of both centrifugal and magnetic systems. Their mechanism is a bit complicated.

Test Casts

When you understand how to set up a spool tension knob and adjust the braking system, it’s now time to make some simple casts. During the testing cast, the distance of your casting may not satisfy you. But, you will not experience any backlash. More casting distance will be possible when you will be able to use your thumb more freely to control the speed of the spool.

Line of Choices

Another important thing when it comes to setting up a baitcasting reel is picking the appropriate line for this fishing gear. And, that ideal line is monofilament line. Initiating the casting process with braided or fluorocarbon lines is not a good idea. It is because fluorocarbon is rigid and unyielding than mono and if a backlash happens during the casting process, it will weaken the line greatly and that will cause breakage of the line later. And the problem with the braided line is though the line is polished but it can result in a serious backlash that can result in cutting a large portion of the line which will make it useless.

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