How to make your Dubai tour an unforgettable experience with a dhow dinner cruise and visiting a few famous restaurants in this city?



Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, and also the capital of the Emirate. The city is known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene. The ultra-modern city has so many attractions from amazing outdoor activities to fun and games and shopping and much more. It has become the ultimate tourist destination of the 21st century for people of every continent. In this post, we will only cover two great tourist attractions of Dubai- dhow cruise dinner and traditional food of Dubai.

In Dubai, One popular tourist activity is boarding on a traditional Arabian wooden boat which is locally called dhow, sightseeing, and enjoying a delicious dinner. Below are two cruise trips that attract tourists most. These are

  • Sightseeing Romantic Dhow Cruise and
  • Cruising through the famous Marina of Dubai

Sightseeing Romantic Dhow Cruise

Do you want to enjoy the spectacular views of Dubai by night? Do you want to Cruise around Dubai on a traditional Arabic Dhow? And lastly, do you want to enjoy delicious buffet dinner and live entertainment onboard? If the answer to all these questions is yes then click here. The place is ideal for people who are looking for a dinner evening-out but want something more lively and luxurious than a usual restaurant meal. For the foreign tourists who are visiting Dubai, a Dhow dinner cruise Dubai Marina is an inexpensive and affordable means to witness the splendor of the richest neighborhood in the city and to savor on middle-eastern and Asian delicacies.

The famous marina of Dubai

While visiting Dubai, do you want to bring the nostalgic past in a very romantic setting? Enjoy the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. This cruising experience is fantastic.

This Dinner cruise in Dubai adds all the elements of a great evening including delicious food, Tanoura dance, onboard music and of course candlelit environment to create a romantic atmosphere to spread happiness and love.

Now, let us discuss about a few great restaurants of Dubai.

There is no shortage of international restaurants in Dubai. If a tourist want a burger or steak, Brazilian bbq, Turkish food or Thai food – it’s all  in Dubai. Below   we have listed a few fantastic restaurants for tourists.

Sub-continental Food

Do you like Sub-continental dishes like Indian food or Pakistani food? Are you looking for Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai? This restaurant is ideal for serving both Pakistani and Indian food. In recent times, westerners love Asian delicacy particularly food of Indian subcontinent because of the menu’s rich flavor and taste.

Al Fanar café and restaurant

It is one of the few traditional Emirati restaurants that offer an impressive menu that consists of everything from Emirati rice and meat feasts to desserts, snacks, and even breakfast dishes.

Al Marhabani Restaurant

Mandi is originally a Yemeni dish of rice topped with meat that’s traditionally cooked in an underground oven until it literally falls apart. The main attraction of the restaurant is Mandi and people love the dish since that lamb drumstick  melt their mouth!

Al Labeeb store

It is a a small Iranian grocery and convenience store, but the real reason that attract people here is the regag bread. Regag bread is similar to a crepe or dosa which is topped with egg, cheese, and Persian Gulf fish sauce.

Special Kabab of AL USTAD

AL USTAD is one of the oldest restaurants in Dubai and it is a huge popular eatery ever since. It’s an Iranian restaurant, known most famously for their selection of kebabs. There is no doubt the restaurant is a meat lovers paradise.

Bu Qtair

It’s a restaurant that started off as a street food shack along the ocean, but has since developed into an indoor, yet still local and bare-bones, restaurant. Customers choose their fish and prawns, which are all marinated south Indian style. Then everything is deep fried, and the dish is greatly tasty.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre

The favorite dish of the restaurant is machboos – which is a dish of rice and chicken. It is also a cultural center located in the old town of Dubai.

Ravi Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for serving outstanding Pakistani food in Dubai. The restaurant looks amazing and a favorite tourist destination.


Dubai has become one of the world’s most favorite tourists destination over the years and enticing visitors from different sectors to its shores. The city will thrive with its Cosmopolitan lifestyle, hotels, architectural wonders, shopping and of course allowing visitors to do plenty of things.

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