How to Make Strong Coffee to Invigorate You Quickly


Strong is a common term people often use to describe the type of coffee they want to drink. But, in the context of the coffee realm, strong is an ambiguous term. The term is equivocal because strong may means either more caffeine content or strong flavor in a cup of coffee.

At this point, it also needs to clear that high caffeine content and strong flavor are not the same things. A cup of coffee, for example, may have high caffeine content. But it does mean that it will be a richly flavored coffee. In this post, we will discuss how to make strong coffee both in terms of high caffeine content and flavor.

How to Make Strong Coffee Ensuring More Caffeine Content

If you want to have more Caffeine in your coffee, the process is pretty straightforward – choose finely grounded roast and brew your coffee for a long time. The lighter roast will have more mass. And, subsequently, there will be more caffeine. And, the longer you brew the roast, the more caffeine will be extracted. It is as simple as that. However, one caveat is if you brew for a long time, your coffee will be bitter. And, acrid taste is not enjoyable.

How to Make Strong Coffee with Rich Flavor

There are three different ways to make a rich flavor coffee. These are maintaining the correct ratio of water and  roast, using a dark roast, and using different coffee makers.

Maintaining the Correct Ratio of Water and  Roast

The golden ratio is 2:1. It means pour one cup of water into a drip coffee maker and add two tablespoons of grounded coffee in the water.

Using Darker Roast

Usually, darker roasts have rich flavors. It is because the longer the beans roasted, the more they become darker. And, so does they are enriched with more flavors.

Applying Different Coffee Makers

The flavor of coffee also depends on different coffee makers. There are mainly three different types of coffee makers. These are the drip coffee maker, espresso, and French press coffee maker. Both espresso and French press coffee maker produce more richly flavored coffee than drip coffee maker.

Espresso and French press also function quickly than drip type. However, the espresso maker is better than French press coffee maker. So, among them, the espresso maker produces the best-flavored coffee.

What Type of Coffee Beans Is Ideal for Making Strong Coffee

There are mainly two types of coffee beans. They are Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Arabica beans are better than Robusta beans. Depending on the type of roasting, there are three different types of Arabica beans. They are dark roasted, medium, and light roasted. To make strong coffee, use dark roasted Arabica beans in your favorite coffee maker.

Identifying the different types of Arabica beans is easy. The manufacturer wrote dark, medium, and light text on the jars or bags of Arabica beans.

Making Strong Coffee at Home

Making strong coffee at home is a great idea; especially, if you don’t have time and money to go to a coffee shop. Making coffee at home is also beneficial for people who are too much concerned with health. So, let’s know how to make strong coffee at home.

Gather necessary things

You need to manage only two things:

  • A drip coffee maker
  • Dark roasted Arabica coffee beans


The preparation method is pretty simple. Add two tablespoons of coffee grounds per every twelve ounces of freshwater and press the start button of drip coffee maker. Brew the Coffee for some time, transfer it to a coffee mug, and then enjoy it.


Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks across the world. Most coffee drinkers like to consume strong coffee. Make your strong coffee at home and recharge yourself

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