Best Mr Coffee Espresso Machines in 2020

best Mr Coffee espresso machines

Enjoying a good cup of latte or even cappuccino is like sipping through a rich milky cup of heaven. In fact, just writing about these delicious and warm drinks makes me want more. However, creating the perfect café latte while at home can be a hassle. To be more specific, making a barista-worthy latte is surprisingly harder than it looks. However, adding the right amount of foam and milk, then combining it with a perfect roast, could get you the taste you are looking for.

For the past few years, since I enjoy a cup of coffee so much, I decided to dive deep into finding out what makes these coffee machines tick. More importantly, I’ve so far tried dozens of devices with cappuccino and latte functionality. Luckily, some espresso devices made perfect and pure espresso.

However, others were a little disappointing, and I wasn’t the only one who shared the same thought. With that in mind, I decided to create a guide of the best Mr Coffee Espresso Machines in 2020. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Mr Coffee Espresso before finding the best Mr Coffee Espresso Machines in 2020.

History of Mr Coffee Espresso Machines

Mr Coffee is a registered brand that manufactures automatic kitchen coffee machines and other products. Vincent and Samuel founded the company in Cleveland, Ohio. What’s more, the company focuses on delivering coffee called NAS (North American System) in the 1970s.

With the help of two engineers, Edmund and Edwin, Mr Coffee designed the first drip coffeemaker for home use in 1972. Before the development of this machine, coffee was often made with the use of percolator, which gave the latte a burned and bitter flavor.

The new machine produced a uniform and brewing temperature that gave it a better taste. Additionally, this machine used gravity to pull the water through a heating section. This coffee maker sold over one million units by April 1974. Later, new products were created between the years of 1992 and 1995. The variations of the machine that were designed for tear were known as Mr. Tea. However, the result was still a darker version of the tea.

Currently, Mr Tea created a new version of their machine known as the optimal brew. This type of coffee maker doesn’t have the same method of routing the water as the traditional machines designed by Marotta and his team. Instead, it has a small boiling flash chamber that heats the water to 195 to 200-degrees Fahrenheit.

This new technology allows the barista to brew about ten cups in less than eight minutes, but it also depends on the barometric pressure. To this very day, Mr Coffee has grown to a multibillion company with millions, if not billions of units all over the world.

Types of the best Mr Espresso Machines in 2020

The current best Mr. expresso machines in 2020 have four main operation types.

  • Piston-driven
  • Steam-driven
  • Air-pump driven
  • Pump-driven

Additionally, these machines are either semi-automatic or fully automatic and also manual. In the manual, you will have to apply pressure with your arm whereas, the semi and fully auto will do the work for you.

Steam-driven espresso machines: the steam-driven type of expresso machine uses the forceful movement of water that runs through the coffee. This water helps to apply pressure to the device. The first espresso machine used this type of operation. Additionally, you can still find this type of operation in modern designs.

Piston-driven espresso machines: Achille Gaggia created this type of espresso machine in 1945. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he is responsible for the Gaggia espresso machines we have today. Here, the barista pumps the lever to build up the pressure of the hot water and also grind the coffee. That’s the origin of the word ‘pulling a shot’ came from.

Pump-driven espresso machines: the pump-driven machine was designed in 1961. If you are a frequent visitor of espresso bars, then there’s a high chance that you’ve drunk coffee from this machine. This design takes in water directly from the water supply system, which is common in most commercial environments. However, the water can also be sourced from a water tank reservoir. Additionally, the pump uses a motor to drive in the water and make the espresso.

Air-pump driven espresso machine: This machine was introduced in 2007. The device uses forced compressed air that pushes the hot water to grind the coffee. The hot water is funneled through the kettle or thermos flask then driven to the compressed air. The air comes from a pump, either hand-held or electric.

How does the espresso machine work?

Finding the best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020 is just one step of the journey. You also need to understand how these devices work to become your own barista. Making an espresso or cappuccino is a daily task for most people around the world. But do you understand how it works? Or better yet, what happens when a barista pulls a shot? That said. Let’s take a look at the functions of an espresso machine.

The Pump and Water

Even the best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020 start with a water source. The water is either drawn from a small reservoir or directly from the water supply line and pumped to the primary connection. The tanks work perfectly for low volumes of customers. However, if you have a professional enterprise with high levels of customers, then you will need a reliable pipe water source.

The espresso machine will also need clean water with very little minerals. Thankfully, most espresso machines typically have an in-built filtration system. The pressure of water supplied in any home is not enough to condense the coffee and produce espresso, and that’s where the pump comes in.

The best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020 will come with an electric pump that creates pressure on the device. The espresso machine needs around 130PSI (9 bars) of pressure. To help you with the comparison, car tires will have roughly 30 to 35PSI. Currently, there are two types of espresso pumps that is: the commercial pump and the vibration pump.

The commercial pump features a rotary pump that helps to supply constant pressure. More importantly, this type of pump uses a rotating disc that is electrically powered. On the other hand, the vibrant pump can be found in domestic espresso machines. These types of pumps use electromagnetic coils to help pull and push the piston. The vibrant pumps will only create pressure when you push the piston. The best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020 deliver water to the coffee at a predictable temperature and pressure.

The Boiler

When the water moves into the espresso machine by the use of the pump, it’s now time to heat it. And just like with the water source, consistency is essential here. The boiler is responsible for heating the water. The professional machines will use double boilers to heat the water constantly.

That means that one of the boilers will be dedicated to brewing while the other is for the steam wand. What’s more, the double boilers help to solve the problem of differing in the temperature needs. That’s because the water for brewing will have a temperature of 93-degrees Celsius while the one for steaming needs to be at 100-degrees Celsius.

The temperature of the water has a direct impact on the rate of extraction. Therefore, inconsistency in the temperature of the water will throw the taste off. Most manufactures of the best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020 have added a digital temperature control feature to the devices. These settings integrate with the heating element and generally manage the cycles to maintain the temperature of the boiler.

When the machine is not fitted with the temperature control feature, the temperature will fluctuate inconsistently, causing the change in the taste of your latte. A professional barista should never have to wonder about the temperature of the water being delivered to the machine since the device should handle the temperature. Additionally, the best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020 have a steam wand that releases steam when the water is excessively hot.

The portafilter and group head

The group head is the final stop of the coffee machine before the latte reaches your cup. In fact, this part brings the hot water into contact with your coffee. Generally, there are different types of group heads. However, all group heads have basic parts with different materials and configurations.

Additionally, the group head is where you will find the portafilter. This is the metal that will hold the ground coffee. That said, the group heads include the channel, portafilter lock, and a pressure switch that regulates the boiler pressure. The channel helps to direct the water from the boiler to the portafilter.

Some of the best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020 have naked or bottomless portafilters. That means that the basket is exposed, and it will help you to dial the grinder quickly and accurately. The best espresso machine will help you create a perfect latte consistently and with less effort.

Brewing Method

As you can see, for you to prepare a tasty cappuccino, you will need an espresso machine. The fresh coffee beans are ground, and the espresso machine will brew them at high-pressure thanks to the water. That actually provides you with a cup of latte just by simply pressing a button.

Using a beat-to-cup espresso machine, the simple touch of button grinds the right amount of coffee beans and then prepares your coffee at high pressure. The beans-to-cup devices are some of the best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020, and you can use them at home or even in your office space.

Reasons for buying an espresso machine

It’s true that you can create a good cup of coffee by just using your stove, and that begs the question, why by an espresso machine at all? Well, there are several reasons why you need to buy an espresso machine. They include:

Convenience: the device is very convenient and will give you the chance to create a cup of coffee anytime you want. On top of that, it also saves up on time.

Six days: communicable diseases typically spread in crowded areas. Therefore, instead of heading down to your local coffee shop for your regular high, why don’t you just buy your machine. Once you buy an espresso machine, you never have to worry about going to crowded areas for a cup of coffee.

It’s less expensive:  I’m sure this can be a bit confusing, but let me elaborate. Once you buy your espresso machine, you never have to go to a coffee shop to buy one cup of latte. Also, buying coffee beans is less expensive than buying a latte every day.


  • Can an espresso machine explode? An espresso machine uses pressure and temperature to create that perfect sip. Therefore, in case the pressure system fails, the system might let out the pressure. That energy could easily result in an explosion. So when your machine is not working effectively, don’t tap it on the back. Instead, take it to a professional.
  • How much does an espresso machine cost? The price of this device will depend on the materials used, components in the device, and the size. However, if you are looking for an affordable espresso machine, you can check out my list of the best espresso machines under $100.
  • What type of espresso machine does Starbucks use? Currently, Starbucks is using the Mastrena Espresso Machine (High Performance). The device is fully automatic.

To wrap it all up

well, there you have it! Now you are ready to purchase your first espresso machine.  I promise you; this is one decision that you will never regret if you are a coffee addict like me. Just to help you with your decision, you can check out my list of the best Mr. coffee espresso machines in 2020. It’s a detailed description of the best espresso machines in the market today. Stick around for interesting topics on the same, for instance, tips you need to know before buying your first espresso machine and more.

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