7 Different Types of Coffee Drinks That May Give You Unique Taste


Maybe coffee is your favorite beverage. You may drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee each day. If you are a heavy coffee drinker then this quantity is certainly more. Anyway, whether you are a regular coffee drinker or a coffee addict here are 7 different types of coffee drinks that you may taste yet.

  1. Hazelnut

There is a common tendency of many coffee lovers. That tendency is they always love to taste coffee with new favor. They are somewhat like globetrotters who constantly change their location to explore new countries and cultures. However, how do you interpret this comparison between nomads and coffee lovers doesn’t matter? But, due to many coffee lovers, frequent flavor changing habits prompted professional chemists to prepare many different flavors of coffee like coconut coffee, vanilla, pumpkin spice to name only a few. Hazelnut coffee is one such flavor coffee.

Hazelnut is a natural flavor, not an artificially synthesized. It is tree nut which is protected by a fibrous husk. When the nut is ripe, it’s shell fell off to let people eat inside material raw or after roasting. People have been used to eat Hazelnut for more than 9000 years. The trees from which hazelnuts come from is native to western Asia and Europe.

There are three different ways you can prepare a cup of Hazelnut coffee. These three are as follows

  • You can prepare it from scratch which involves taking a packet of hazelnuts and brewing them in a cup. This method is time-consuming. However, you will get a unique taste as well as feel proud of preparing a DIY homemade coffee.
  • The second method is pretty straightforward. It requires you to buy hazelnut coffee beans. Pour coffee beans into a cup and add hot water to it. That’s it. Your coffee is waiting for sipping.
  • The third method is to brew your coffee as you do for other types of coffee and then mix hazelnut syrup to it. One good idea is to add syrup prior to hot water. This ensures that the syrup mixes well with your coffee.

Among these three different methods, buying hazelnut flavored coffee beans and brewing them is much simpler. These beans are quite popular and widely available online. Search and you will find affordable hazelnut flavored coffee beans on the Internet.

  1. Mocha

The Mocha coffee originates from Yemen. Its name derives from the type of coffee beans from which the coffee is brewed. The mocha beans and Arabica coffee beans belong to the same plant family. Arabica coffee beans are the most popular thanks to their sweet flavor. The next popular coffee beans are Robusta beans which have a stronger flavor. Mocha coffee beans come with natural chocolate flavor. One trick that baristas apply to enhance the chocolate flavor of mocha coffee is they mix a little amount of chocolate with a cup of Mocha coffee. Mocha is an espresso-based coffee. It is ideal for giving you strong coffee taste with black chocolate hue

  1. Italian Roast

This coffee gets so much popularity due to Starbucks which is a world-famous American multinational chain of coffee houses. This coffee offers a unique taste to coffee lovers. However, the name of this coffee may give you a false impression that this coffee is produced in Italy. Wrong! Like french roast, the coffee is cultivated in Latin America, Asian and African countries. It’s got the word Italian in its name due to the coffee following the southern Italian roasting style during its commercial production process.

  1. House Blend coffee

This coffee is considered a high-end product. The brewing method of this coffee is quite different from other types of coffee drinks. This is why this coffee offers quite a unique taste to coffee drinkers. Though every coffee shop offers this coffee to its customers, almost all of them follow a unique brewing and serving process.

  1. Latin American Blend

A coffee discussion will be incomplete if we don’t discuss this coffee. This coffee is a medium-dark color that comes with mild cocoa taste. The coffee is cultivated in Central America and in the volcanic soil of the world’s largest rainforest Amazon.

  1. French Roast

After the Italian, here comes the French. This coffee is another popular drink. And, why not that be since French are famous for wine brewing. So, why should they not be popular for coffee brewing? It’s a black roasted coffee that offers coffee lovers a unique charred taste.

  1. African Kahawa Blend

Let’s finish our coffee discussion with this coffee in Africa. Unlike Italian roast, the name of this coffee is not a deceiving one. As the name suggests this coffee is truly cultivated in Africa. It’s a medium black color that offers hints of caramel, chocolate, raisins, green apples, and toffee flavors.

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