4 Coffee Brewing Methods to Try – Experience the Truest Coffee Flavor!

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When it’s about brewing coffee, most coffee drinkers prefer the drip grind method. But did you know that this produces the least flavorful cup of joe? Since we are in a hurry in the morning, we usually do not get the chance to get our coffee brewed any other way.

That’s why we recommend that you do not just splurge on your gourmet coffee. Get a small French press maker and start experimenting to experience the truest coffee flavor and aroma in every cup.

We are here to help you discover the best coffee brewing method for the most flavorful cup of coffee!

Coffee brewing methods you want to try

1. Drip/Pour Over

This is a simple, fast and inexpensive coffee brewing method that uses coffee cones and paper filters. For the best taste, pour hot water evenly on coffee grounds into a paper filter. With the help of gravity, the blended coffee slowly drips into a pot or cup. Coffee cones can be made out of glass, ceramic, plastic or even stainless steel.

The taste of the coffee brewed in this method is influenced by the shape of the filters and the cone.

2. French Press

French press was invented in 1929 and it is one of easiest brewing methods that gives the coffee a rich taste.

Soak, steep and strain ground coffee with hot water in a press pot or the cylinder of a French press coffee maker. This process helps diffuse the coffee’s essential oils, antioxidants and caffeine while ensuring the purest of flavors.

When done, let it boil for 4-5 minutes and your French press coffee will be ready. This is mostly preferred by those who like to enjoy a complex, luscious and expensive taste out of their cup of joe.

3. Pour Over

You get to enjoy a full boiled and strong cup of coffee when you give it a try. So many hardcore coffee enthusiasts blindly belive that only this method can make the best of coffee. Pour over has a strong flavor because it moisturizes the coffee grounds equally.

First boil the water and then cool it down for a few minutes. Put the dipper on a dedicated pour over coffee machine and place the filter in the dipper. Now add the grounds into the filler, ensuring the coffee grounds are leveled and pour 1/4 cup of water so it wets the grounds evenly.

After this step, wait for 30 seconds before pouring the rest of the water on the grounds slowly, making sure that the coffee is extracted evenly.

4. Espresso

A cup of espresso is made by passing pressurized water through the perfectly ground coffee. Coffee beans used for this method are roasted for a long time. This process makes the coffee thicker than usual and leaves a wonderful crema on the upper layer of the coffee. You can brew espresso with a French press.

How do you go about the process? First grind your coffee beans on a burr grinder and heat a cup of water in a kettle. Then put about 2 tablespoons of coffee ground in the bottom of the cylinder of your French press. Do make sure that the water is below 200℉ and splash a small quantity of water on the coffee grounds. This is called “blooming” which releases the essential oils for the ideal flavor.

Now bloom the coffee for 30 seconds and then pour the remaining boiled water into the French press. After closing the lid, let the coffee steep for 4-6 minutes depending on your preferred taste.

Then slowly push the plunger of the French press halfway through the cylinder and pull it all the way up and then all the way down. Pour your espresso into a cup or a mug while your plunger is in the bottom position. The only step remaining is to take a sip and enjoy a wonderful cup of espresso.

We hope you have enjoyed our journey through the making of coffee. Go enjoy a cup with one of those awesome brewing methods and give your day a fresh start.

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