4 Cheap And Best Programmable Coffee Maker for your kitchen

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When we are going to buy a coffee maker we face common 2 problems one is the product quality and another is the price. Although the budget does not matter for someone to get a bold taste of coffee but it is one kind of matter for maximum people.

When some products attract our mind and we seemed to best it then we leave from showroom to listen to its high demanded price. We can’t find the original and best coffee maker with low price on the market. But these expensive machines don’t give us a better taste of coffee. It is so gross.

So, in fact you need the Best Tasting Coffee Maker for your home use or office use or any outside place of home when traveling?

Don’t worry……! I am going to face you with the top level 4 best programmable coffee maker with low price which is 100% surely more durable, energy efficient, longer lasting and more faster than others expensive coffee maker. Please cool down and read this full guide first to last to choose your perfect model for long life.

#1. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew (49950C) Manual

We are going to start our first example with the world famous Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker model number 49950C. If you love to drink single cup coffee or full cup pot at one time then this coffee machine is an exact choice for you.

The 49950C model from Hamilton beach is made with high-performance deathless programming software. As the quality of the machines, the price is low compared to others programmable machine.

This super automatic coffee maker gives you 12 cups of the finest taste of hot coffee with the permanent carafe side and gold tone filter. Hamilton 499510C coffee machine includes the fully programmable timer button, by using it you can set a fixed time as you want and go to your other works. Its auto push system helps you automatically push the brewing system and serve the coffee when your coffee will be ready.

Do you forget to switch off the maximum time after brewing? No problem this advanced technology coffee maker automatically shuts off after 2 hours when the machine not in use.

You can get a single cup of coffee and a full pot of brewed coffee same times with its 2-way brewing system. It is designed with the perfect measured so that the single cup rest and tall mug can easily set together on it.

With these 2 options, you can easily please your friends and other members by serving all type of coffee. See the pros and cons below before buying one.


  • Full programmable coffee maker
  • Automatic push option
  • Auto shut down a system
  • 2-way brewing system
  • 12 cups of coffee at one time


  • Need to clean after a few days

#2. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Reviews (49980A)

This 49980A model from Hamilton beach isn’t so different from the above coffee maker we mentioned. The Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker is another one high programmable coffee machine on the market.

It has also 2-way brewing system of coffee serving and you can set a single cup and hold full pod of coffee with external carafe at not different times. That means you can get a cup of coffee and a full pot of coffee or set a taller mug at the same time like to before model.

The travel mug is not included with this machine so you need to buy an extra travel mug if you need depending on your use. You need to buy the 13.9 H x 12.23 W x 11.08 D inches external portable mug if you want.

With only 950 watts voltages can operate this authentic automatic coffee machine. This machine has also the automatic shut off system which can work after 2 hours of using.

Able to brew up to 14 ounces coffee in the travel mug and you can set a shorter mug or cup as your demand. For its one-time filling easy water reservoir located on the single serve side, this appliance is the standard size.

This model is very easy to clean. You can see its complete cleaning guide on The Odyssey Online.


  • Up to 12 cup carafe system
  • Brew single cup or full pod carafe
  • Extra large water reservoir on the carafe side
  • Single serve system
  • Fully programmable coffee maker
  • Brew strength selector
  • It is 24 hours programmable


  • You need extra travel mug if you want to use

#3. Cuisinart DCC-3400 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

Do you need a hotter coffee maker? This Cuisinart DCC-3400 model is waiting for you for faster brewing.  This variant from Cuisinart is an international expert as a coffee maker for its advanced technology heating systems which make sure hotter coffee temperature for a long time without pouring down coffee flavor.

It made with unique brew strength functions by controlling it you can select the bold taste or regular coffee flavor. This coffee maker saves your busy time by its 24 hours fully automatic programming system. You don’t need to clean this machine by hand because it comes with the latest self-cleaning system.

You can easily select 1 to 4 cups of coffee from its advanced settings and also can set ready alert tone optionally if you need.  This powerful coffee maker will be automatically off when the machine not in use.  For correctly filling water this machine has fresh water windows so that you can easily see the water position.

When your coffee brewing will be finish then it will automatically push and has a manual push option so that you can push any time of brewing and enjoy your wanted list of coffee flavor before finishing the brewing cycle.


  • 24 hours full programmable
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Auto shut off
  • Auto push option
  • Has bold taste or regular taste of coffee selecting option
  • 1-4 cups selection option
  • Faster brewing


  • It sends out coffee grinds outside the filter

#4. Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Programmable Coffeemaker, Black/Silver

Have you listened to the name of North American Electrical Standards Company in your life? I believe the maximum people of USA have known with this internationally famous manufacturer.

The Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee making machine is directly manufactured by this authoritative company and supplies it by their internal stuff. This coffee maker is designed with the classic brushes metal includes the transportable beautiful carafe with ergonomic handle.

The silky and transparent carafe is dripless pouring and 100% BPA free which is comfortable with up to 12 cups of brewed coffee. With its extra features, you can push brewing in the way of brewing to get your favorite coffee brew before the coffee brew is finished.

This machine has attached an adjustable heating plate and you can control it by function with low, medium or high temperature which ensures to fill up your interest how much hot coffee you like.

When you want to make less than 5 cups of coffee you can easily set the 1-4 cup of coffee brew auto option. This is not different from the full programmable coffee maker which can automatically start brewing in any times of 24 hours as your time settings.

The DCC-1200 model is automatically shut down from 1 to 4 hours when the machine takes rest from duty. For removing impurities from coffee it has 7.75 inches length x 9.00 inches weight x 14.00 inches height water filter.


  • Super automatic coffee maker
  • Brew up to 12 cups of fresh and hot coffee at one time
  • Includes 100% BPA free carafe
  • Adjustable heating plate
  • Auto push option at any time
  • Automatically shut off option
  • Includes water filter


  • Need to clean regularly to get best coffee

With high confidence we suggest you to use any one of the above coffee maker which will be fit for you. These are all the supper automatic coffee maker in this age and updated with new generation.  To see more powerful, energy efficient, longer lasting coffee maker with new invention please visit https://toolercoffee.com

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